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Feature Makeup Artist Fred Gorski, License Available Here

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Making Rain is a memoir of life on the edge of society. Fred Gorski was born into a bohemian community on the outskirts of New York City and developed into a free thinker, cross-dresser, bartender, pagan, and B&D mistress. The story follows him through a bizarre landscape of odd encounters, from mob characters and cross dressing cops to the sorrows of the AIDS crisis. Through it all he retains his dignity and celebrates all that is healthy in life.


At Fairplay We Offer:

We can turn almost anyone into passable or attractive femmes, sissies, maids, sex kitten, etc. Come in for temporary body enhancement — building or reducing your natural physique to feminize your shape with form shape-wear and corsets designed to fit men.

Male to Female Makeover in NYC

We feature a free selection of garments, large-sized shoes, accessories, wigs, & cosmetics. Our wigs are cut and styled for your face and your head for a personalized look. All of our cosmetics and cosmetic techniques are designed to make masculine features feminine.

Why Choose Fairplay?

Your consultant will be personally experienced in cross-dressing, which will make you feel like you belong with us.

Cross-dressers, drag-queens, transgender people, and transsexuals are all welcomed!

Sessions are one-on-one or you can bring a friend.

Have An En Femme Night On The Town!

As a guest in Fairplay care, our driver/CD chaperone will bring you to places we patronize and ensure new comfort and security.

If you have any questions about the above services, give us a call (718) 816-1318

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