Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be embarrassed while at Fairplay?

Of course not. Everyone who works here, visits, or is in anyway associated with my business is into the transgender theme. Be they Crossdressers, Transsexuals or Drag Queens. My secretary and everyone who works here are transvestites.

Will anything be forced on me such as services, design, or SEX?

Everything service is what YOU asked for. Requested or suggested. We only think of themes or ideas when YOU ask us too.

Can I get dressed there and walk around after my makeover?

You must understand that this is a business. As long as you are paying for the hour, YOU can do almost anything you like. Many customers, get a photo session, try on and purchase clothes, or anything like that.

Can I try on different outfits?

Not unless you wish to buy them. When you are made up, the outfit you will be wearing will be picked for you depending on size and your color. If you bring other clothes to wear, understand that if you need a touch up because of something you did, make sure it is within your hourly fee or you could pay for another hour.

Does Fairplay still host Cross dressed Dinners?

Sometimes. We also host a secretarial lunch for 1 to 4 Crossdressers. This includes the makeover and we charge $200.00 for everything. If you can get 4 other CD’s for this affair, we will do your makeover for free and pay you $25 for each girl that you bring.

Fairplay is fully licensed in cosmetology.